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It is a fusion of Persian and Indian culinary styles. It has rich sauces, butter based curries, ginger flavored roast meats and sweets that are fit for the kings! Sumptuous shorbas and creamy kulfis…. Mughlai food offers a rich taste that is irresistible. No surprise then, that it has caught the fancy of food lovers all over the world! Mughlai food brings in visions of dishes that are aromatically marinated in masalas of ginger and onion, tinged with nutmeg, mace, cloves and cinnamon; dishes of rich sauces combining a perfect balance of a range of spices, yogurt and cream, almonds and pistachios, the perfect base to receive morsels of chicken or meat cooked in ghee; vegetable dishes with the nutty flavor of poppy seeds and sweetened with honey; extravagant rice dishes, biryanis and pulaos , each grain separate and full of flavor, garnished with cardamom and strands of saffron; silky-smooth, ice-cold desserts flavored with essence of roses, decked with tissue-thin sheets of real gold or silver foil and decorated with a scattering of rose petals; drinks squeezed from fresh fruits.
Kashmiri Aloo Hussaini Kebab  


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